Sharing economy

Sharing is the joint use of things with others. There has been a rapid increase in sharing models since 2005, and these models focus not on ownership but rather on the shared use of things only when they are needed.

The sharing economy refers to an offer to share that is based on a business model. The most widespread of these models involves mobility (car sharing, bike sharing, etc.), but there are examples in other areas as well, such as work (job sharing) and housing (temporary sublets), and particularly in cities sharing is becoming more significant. Yes, sharing is indeed caring! Shared use not only makes it easier on your wallet; it also relieves the strain on the environment.

Now this principle is not entirely new. Twenty years ago, it was possible to rent a tuxedo for the opera. Now, thanks to the Internet and the use of location-based services, it is becoming easier and easier to structure sharing in an efficient manner.

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