The master plan has been adopted and the construction plans are under way. Development and construction can begin immediately after the transfer of the site to the State of Berlin. The properties in the Urban Tech Republic are available as leasehold contracts to companies and institutions from the urban technologies sector that conform to the profile. At the same time, ownership of the properties remains with the State of Berlin. The ground rent and term of the leasehold contracts are based on the type and size of the future use and the corresponding requirements of the State of Berlin.

Not looking for anything longterm?

We also lease for commercial purposes that conform to the profile. Spaces in some existing buildings and in external areas can be leased on contract, for example offices and workshops, or temporarily, say, for events, art, and culture. Please feel free to contact us.

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Experimental sites: Will UFOs soon be landing at Tegel? No, but they might start up here.

There are lots of good ideas but the trick is to implement them properly. To do this you have to use trial and error, and the best way is on premises the size of an airport. A full 12 hectares are specifically earmarked as experimental areas.

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