The modern computer was invented in a garage. We offer our researches an entire hangar.

A total area of 495 hectares offers endless opportunities for working, research, development – and for living. The existing buildings offer 150,000 m² of floor space, there are vacant lots ranging in size from 3,000 to 200,000 m², and there are also designated event locations. Other areas have been set aside exclusively for field tests. These alone extend over 10 hectares.

For work, research, development – and as living space.  


The concept of sustainability provides the most comprehensive model. Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic embodies this idea in a very unique way. The campus district of the UTR is one of the first pilot projects in Germany to be awarded the “Platinum” certification by the DGNB in the “City District” category.

Creative Space

Yellow long abstract designed sofa in long hall

Berlin is a city of creative people and founders.

They are looking for unfinished spaces that inspire them – spaces that they can help design. Such space is becoming more difficult to find. There is less and less unfinished space as established companies move in. This is not the case at Berlin TXL. Here, there is space for ideas and experiments. Here, there is raw and unfinished space that still has traces of its previous life, giving the location an unmistakable identity. Here, the future can be shaped. Following the closure of the airport, this may happen quite quickly. Some 150,000 m2 of building space may be occupied in the near future. Gates with conveyor belts and boarding bridges. Hangars with traveling cranes and space. Workshops with hydraulic lifts and direct access to the airfield. In addition, plots measuring from 3,000 to 200,000 m2 may be purchased. For work, research, development – and as living space. And the airline offices and lounges are still there. Have a seat. Who wants a floor in an old factory when you can have an airport? 

Base Camp

Light and friendly open-plan office

The place where it all begins: Terminal D.

The base camp of the Urban Tech Republic is open. Pioneering projects can begin, and the initial exchanges are now taking place. This is precisely the idea. Founders, students, investors, industrialists, and researchers – they all first meet in Terminal D. Come as an individual or as a company for a single day or for a longer period of time. There are workspaces, offices, and workshops. Become a part of Berlin TXL. Help shape it. Now boarding. 

Testing Grounds

Old jetbridge in green landscape

Starting a pilot project? Where better to do it than at an airport?

There plenty of good ideas. The trick is putting them into practice. Doing so means testing them. Where better than in an area as big as an airport? Ten hectares have been turned into experimentation areas. It makes sense: up to 800 companies, institutes, and research institutions cross paths with 5,000 students at Berlin TXL. This way, the entire airport becomes a testing ground. For your ideas, too. 

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