The modern computer was invented in a garage. We have an entire hangar.

Berlin is growing. With the former Tegel Airport site Berlin reclaims a piece of the city and adds spaces for industry, trades, and science, and also for interim use for such purposes as arts, culture or events.

A curated community dedicated to urban technologies is emerging in those spaces. Development of an ecosystem is planned in support of collaborative ways of working, thereby creating a space for innovations.

The future can be shaped in the Urban Tech Republic. In the short-term several existing buildings will be renovated. The first foundation centres and technology centres are being created, and with them the first collaboration zones. Around 150,000 m2 of building space are available. Many areas can be rented, either after renovation or as they are. Furthermore, properties of 3,000 to 200,000 m2 will be assigned as leasehold contracts. Who’s still interested in an old industrial loft if they can have an airport?


The concept of sustainability provides the most comprehensive model. Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic embodies this idea in a very unique way. The campus district of the UTR is one of the first pilot projects in Germany to be awarded the “Platinum” certification by the DGNB in the “City District” category.

Tegel Projekt GmbH Urban Tech Republic, Gebäude V Flughafen Tegel 1 13405 Berlin Phone: +49 30 577 1401 0 e-mail: Instagram: @BerlinTXL Youtube