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31.05.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Project description:

Six months after the opening of the new international airport for Berlin and Brandenburg in Berlin-Schönefeld (BER), the Tegel Airport in Berlin is to be closed. The site will then be converted to create a research and industrial park for urban technologies: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic.

The focus of Berlin TXL will be on the things that will keep alive the growing metropolitan centres of the 21st century: the efficient use of energy, sustainable building, environmentally compatible mobility, recycling, the networked control of systems, clean water, and the use of new materials. This will be the meeting place for young entrepreneurs, students, investors, manufacturers, and scientists, where they can work together to develop and produce solutions for the cities of tomorrow, and export these worldwide.

In the direct neighbourhood of Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic, a new residential quarter will be developed with more than 5,000 apartments for over 10,000 people: the Schumacher Quarter. And in the adjoining quarters Cité Pasteur and TXL Nord a further 4,000 dwellings are planned.

Together with a planned landscaped park and the residential quarter, the Berlin TXL site will extend over a total area of 495 ha – which is equivalent to some 5% of the area of the city of Paris.

Project area The Urban Tech Republic

211 ha, of which:

  • 39 ha Campus
  • 70 ha Commercial band
  • 82 ha Industrial park
  • 20 ha main roads and landscaping

 First anchor users:

  • Beuth University of Applied Sciences with 2,500 students (central terminal)
  • Berlin Fire & Rescue Academy (Hangar)
  • Terminals B and D are envisaged for congress areas and as start-up and technology centres for young entrepreneurs

Tenancy structure:

  • Tenant mix: Start-ups, research, established companies with local connections (synergies)
  • Greatest possible conformity with the urban technology profile
  • This will be ensured by the conception of the construction phases: each phase will include commercial areas, industrial areas, and special areas, with various sizes of construction lots (smallest unit: 3,000 sq.m., largest unit: 200,000 sq.m.)

 Potential of Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic:

  • Employees: up to 20,000
  • Students: 5,000
  • Companies: up to 1,000
  • Gross value added in Berlin TXL: EUR 1.3 billion p.a. (for 17,500 workplaces)
  • Gross value added for Berlin: EUR 2.2 billion p.a. (taking into account the overall employment effect of Berlin TXL)
  • Tax revenue effect for Land Berlin: EUR 150 million p.a.


  • Start of construction work for the infrastructure: after the handover of the site for development
  • Realisation in four construction phases

Planning history of Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic:

  • 2008: Start of the public discussion about the future of Tegel Airport
  • 2009 to 2012: six international teams of architects, urban planners, and landscape architects developed ideas that were then discussed and further developed with experts, representatives of the city administration, and interested members of the public
  • 9 June 2011: the Berlin House of Representatives approved the objectives of the land development plan and the landscaping programme
  • In 2013, Land Berlin confirmed the binding master plan
  • In nine public discussions (‘location conferences’) so far, interested parties were able to make constructive comments and contributions
  • The land use plans for parts of the Urban Tech Republic and the Schumacher Quartier were presented to the public for their inspection in November 2018.
  • Also in November 2018, a highly-innovative energy strategy for Berlin TXL was announced. The unique, environmentally-friendly “LowEX-Network”, the largest of its kind in the world, will in future meet the district heating and cooling requirements of both the industry and research location and the Schumacher Quartier.
  • After taking over the site, which is planned for spring 2021, Tegel Projekt GmbH will begin construction work without delay.

Location development by Tegel Projekt GmbH:

Tegel Projekt GmbH has been entrusted by Land Berlin with management responsibilities for the Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic, and the Schumacher Quarter. The state-owned company has 36 employees (April 2019), and is working on the further development of the master plan, the brand development, planning for the building construction, the technical and transport infrastructure and energy services, as well as operative preparations and the public promotion of the project.

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