Issue No. 21 | 2018

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View on Jerusalem Old City © Borya Galperin / Shutterstock
View on Jerusalem Old City

16.11.2018 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

10 Israeli startups shaping the cities of tomorrow

Cities around the world are increasingly taking on the goal of adopting smart city technologies as residents now expect the same level of service and quality from private and public entities. Many promising technologies are being developed in Israel.

How Bill Gates aims to save $233 billion

Bill Gates thinks toilets are a serious business, and he’s betting big that a reinvention of this most essential of conveniences can save a half million lives and deliver $200 billion-plus in savings.

A smart city is an accessible city

Some smart city applications can help to improve access and information for disabled people. But even as they make some things better, they are only as good as the data they contain. Bad ones risk making urban life harder, rather than easier, for disabled people.

9 corporate venture funds shaping clean energy innovation

Which big companies are sparking up official venture arms focused on clean-energy innovation? Here are some notable corporate venture organizations that live under the wings of some of the world’s largest fossil fuels companies.

HQ2 is only part of the story of big-tech expansion

Google is yet plannning another headquarter in New York, Amazon HQ2 may be split between superstar cities. But San Francisco’s big tech firms are starting to expand into smaller, non-coastal places.

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