Issue No. 15 | 2020

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31.07.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

What does the pandemic mean for the smart city revolution?

The potential power of smart cities continues to be a topic of debate in the midst of Covid-19. We have the chance to think differently about the use of space around us and therefore the case around smart city technology is as prominent as ever.

How 'Virtual Power Plants' will change the future of electricity

If “virtual” meetings can allow companies to gather without anyone being in the office, then remotely distributed solar panels and batteries can harness energy and act as “virtual power plants.” This could be the next electricity breakthrough.

Floating wind farms: how to make them the future of green electricity

Since 2010, wind energy has seen sustained growth worldwide, with the amount of energy generated by offshore wind increasing by nearly 30 percent each year. Countries around the world need to ramp up renewable energy supply quickly for various reasons.

Why we need meaningful changes to the way we travel

Ashok Sinha, CEO of the London Cycling Campaign (LCC) and Alan Clark, director of UK policy and government affairs at Lime, write for Environment Journal about why we need longer-lasting and meaningful changes to the way we travel.

Solar energy breakthrough creates electricity from invisible light

Two major breakthroughs in solar cell technology could vastly improve the way energy is harvested from the sun. One of these involves “upconverting” low energy, non-visible light into high energy light.

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