Issue No. 23 | 2018

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Oil refineries polluting carbon and cancer causing smoke stacks climate change and power plants in Corpus Christi , Texas a massive large refinery © Roschetzky Photography / Shutterstock

18.12.2018 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Investors demand immediate action on climate change

A group of investors managing $32 trillion in assets just released a combined statement in which they are warning that ignoring action against climate change could cause permanent economic damage up to four times the size of the 2008 financial crisis.

Why smart cities need smart policies

To bring about truly sustainable growth in smart city technology, we must first develop and enforce the smart city policies needed to ensure the privacy of urban citizens in the digital age.

Has Columbus, Ohio raised its IQ yet?

It was just over two years ago that Columbus, Ohio, won the Department of Transportation's $40 million Smart City Challenge, beating 77 other U.S. contenders. Time for a progress report by the mayor.

Will power: Developing countries are driving the renewables transition

Some argued that less developed nations could not, or even should not, expand power generation with zero-carbon sources because these are too expensive. Today, these countries are leading the change.

How cities design themselves

Urban planner Alain Bertaud's new book, Order Without Design, argues that cities are really shaped by market forces, not visionaries. Urban planners and urban economists can therefore learn a lot from each other.



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