Issue No. 13 | 2020

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03.07.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Smart cities show improved sustainability and resilience

The Smart City concept integrates information and communication technology. Converting existing infrastructure to Smart Infrastructure is key to improving cities, as it directly correlates to improvements in the sustainability and quality of life.

How lockdown has changed our relationship with nature

Morag MacGregor, a researcher at the School of Water, Energy and Environment at Cranfield University explains how the lockdown has changed people’s relationship with the natural world and their perception of their own surroundings.

It’s time for buildings to get smart

The way we work has changed and will continue to do so, as will the buildings in which the work takes place. No longer just roofs over our heads, buildings are becoming multidimensional, living spaces that can change the way we interact.

Investing in innovation is our best option for recovery

The coronavirus has presented our society with completely new challenges. In these extraordinary times, maintaining science, research and innovation must be a priority to shape the economy for a sustainable, digital and resilient future.

Builders and businesses are developing ‘low carbon concrete’

Concrete is a vital cog in modern infrastructure projects, but it has an impact on the environment. Around the world, efforts are being made to develop new techniques and processes to reduce the environmental effects of construction.

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