Issue No. 1 | 2020

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10.01.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

A new tomato ideal for urban gardens and even outer space

These new gene-edited tomato plants look nothing like the usual long vines growing in a backyard garden or in agricultural fields, but they can be grown in urban environments or other places usually not suitable for plant growth.

Heavy-duty hydrogen: fuel cell trains and trucks power up for the 2020s

As the trend for battery-electric cars gains steam there are signs the decade ahead will see hydrogen gain commercial viability in transportation, particularly for heavy vehicles like trains and long-haul trucks.

Welcome to the roaring 2020s, the artificial intelligence decade

The combination of artificial intelligence and sustainability promises great innovation. New applications are made possible by breakthroughs in machine learning, image recognition, analytics and sensors and transform familiar systems and approaches.

World’s largest floating wind turbine begins generating power

Off the coast of Portugal the WindFloat Atlantic joins the growing fleet of floating offshore pilots. Now, the WindFloat Atlantic project connected the first of three 8.4-megawatt MHI Vestas turbines planned for installation.

Healthier and more sustainable: why cities need more biodiversity

By changing the conditions in which we live, we might be able to improve our health and reduce costs for healthcare systems. Since biodiversity is a reasonable indicator of the overall health of an ecosystem, we should try to optimize it.

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