Issue No. 4 | 2020

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21.02.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Here is how smart cities can make your commute less painful

The daily commutes in the world's largest cities easily run into millions, and managing those travel flows remains a major task for the authorities as they work towards smarter networks. Manchester is the latest city to put big data to good use.

Beirut's free pick-up app for local recycling services

One grassroots organisation is providing an ultra-convenient, free, on-demand recycling service to the city of Beirut and employment opportunities to hundreds of its residents. 
Live Love Recycle is linking residents and recycling facilities through an app.

What Abu Dhabi’s city of the future looks like now

At the UN’s World Urban Forum in Abu Dhabi, attendees toured Masdar City, the master-planned eco-complex designed to show off the UAE’s commitment to sustainability. What if the kingdom went all-in on sustainability?

What does artificial intelligence really mean?

Artificial intelligence is a suitcase word. It means many different things in many different contexts. As AI becomes more important technologically, economically and geopolitically, the phrase’s use – and misuse – will only grow.

The carmaker putting solar panels on its electric vehicles

Sono Motors reckons that extra bit of solar energy on electric vehicles will make a difference. The German startup aims to sell the self-charging electric car covered in solar panels from 2022.

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