Issue No. 25 | 2019

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20.12.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

SunBOT: Sunflowers Inspire sun-tracking technology to maximise the future potential of solar power

Sunflowers have been expertly capturing the power of the sun for millennia, and now modern science is catching up. Researchers took direct inspiration from the natural plant life of a sunflower for solar cells.

Can smart cities help their residents without hurting their privacy?

Data will shape cities of the future. In Canada, the Sidewalk Labs smart city experiment has drawn criticism. So how do we establish data governance that meaningfully involves citizens for the good of all?

How to store data in everyday objects: DNA

Researchers have discovered a new method for turning nearly any object into a data storage unit. This makes it possible to save extensive data in, say, shirt buttons, water bottles or even the lenses of glasses. 

Partisans to turn Canadian town into "city of the future"

Architecture studio Partisans has unveiled plans to transform a Canadian town into a smart community, combining fibre optics, autonomous vehicles, and drone ports within a rural setting.

Why car-free streets will soon be the norm

Public transit, bicycle infrastructure, pedestrian zones, and more create a very different urban experience for city dwellers. In cities like New York, Paris, Rotterdam, and San Francisco, car-free streets are emerging amid a growing movement.

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