Issue No. 18 | 2019

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13.09.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Combining AI with urban farming can help developing countries

An Israeli company called Seedo might have the solution for the challenges of urban agriculture in vulnerable areas that struggle with environmental and climate factors that lead to crop loss.

How synthetic biology can help build sustainable cities

Synthetic biology offers a means to implement sustainable manufacturing processes that can reduce costs while producing materials, fuels and chemicals that are superior to existing products on the market.

Smart seeds and drones could plant 10 million trees in ten years

Spanish ecopreneurs are speeding up conventionally resource- and time-intensive reforestation efforts by combining drones and "smart seeds" to make the tree-planting process more efficient, faster and cheaper too.

IoT security essentials: Physical, network, software

IoT security is one of the chief stumbling blocks to successful adoption of the technology. There are three key angles to think about: How secure are the devices themselves, how many are there and can they receive security patches.

Aging in the city: how smart cities are improving accessibility

One of the unsung benefits of smart cities may be their ability to help elderly people age in their own homes. There are many benefits of smart healthcare technology for elderly people and that caring technology can be expanded to encompass a whole city.

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