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04.09.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Generating power using the cold of the night sky

The heat that reaches the Earth from space has long been used to generate electricity, but can the concept work in reverse? Science says yes and presents its first prototype able to generate energy in the night – using the night.

Robots might make better drugs, faster

The rise of robots as indispensable lab tools in drug development has started: As the need for faster drug development surges, manufacturers and researchers have adopted systems that promise new levels of efficiency and accuracy.

How retail drone delivery may change logistics networks

Researchers at the University of Texas say drone technology has the potential to be a genuine game changer, with its promise to enable retailers to offer unheard-of delivery lead times and near-perfect delivery-time customization adaptability.

Could the U.S. automobile fleet run on wind and solar power?

In a though experiment, author Robert Rapier dives into the question of whether solar, wind energy and other sources of green energy offer enough power to run the whole U.S. automobile fleet.

This giant machine could give us unlimited clean energy

The Joint European Torus in Oxfordshire will create temperatures ten times hotter than our sun to induce nuclear fusion. It could spark an energy revolution. And the best: this method could be completely waste-free.

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