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06.12.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Smart roofs provide flood protection to the Amsterdam of the future

Heavy rainfall, storm surges and periods of drought are becoming increasingly frequent, and urban areas in particular are affected by extreme weather events. The RESILIO project in Amsterdam aims to tackle this problem with intelligent roofs.

New project could lead to more autonomous freight vehicles

After several months of testing an AV truck’s abilities to steer and brake on its own, the technology is ready to take the test to regular traffic. It is not supposed to be a way to replace truck drivers, but a way to make truck driving more safe.

Why Paris wants to tax Amazon deliveries

Big cities have to deal with millions of delivered packages a day. Now, the Paris mayor wants Amazon to pay for the carbon emissions and traffic congestion that online shopping generates. Consequently, this should offset the problems it causes.

Can smart cities help their residents without hurting their privacy?

The cities of the future are being built on data. Hence, the debate around ethical use of personal data is heating up. The question arises: how can cities around the world benefit from data-enabled technologies without sacrificing privacy?

How data will fuel smart cities

The smart city is not a new concept. However, Hudson Yards in New York and the Sidewalk Labs project in Toronto show that it is now on the cusp of data and connectivity making the smart city a reality in North America.

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