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27.09.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Berlin’s take on a high-tech smart city could be different

It's a Smart City mega-project: the German company Siemens is launching an ambitious adaptive reuse project, Siemensstadt 2.0, to revitalize its historic corporate campus with a modern data-collecting twist.

Collecting data from space to help protect the planet

Using satellite imagery and AI, a Portuguese company is creating geospatial insights to help businesses understand and solve key environmental challenges. How can they manage their resources in a safer, more efficient and sustainable way?

Brain-computer interfaces moves one step closer to becoming reality

A brain-computer interface that can control a wheelchair: researchers came one step closer to a wireless and portable brain that plugs our brains directly into the web and enables us to operate connected devices simply by thought.

What’s the right balance of energy, security and sustainability?

Besides decarbonizing energy systems by installing wind and solar, governments also need to ensure the security and affordability of energy. A new report examines the progress policymakers have made in balancing security, equity and sustainability.

Smart cities could give blind people a new outlook on urban life

Smart cities will revolutionize how people live, also for visually impaired people. Technologies that enable the visually impaired to recognize people, places or even bank notes can help them to live more independently.

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