Issue No. 21 | 2019

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11.10.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Designing the Floating Future

A prototype in the San Francisco Bay is testing a vision for floating buildings built to withstand sea-level rise. Designed particularly for the world’s population that lives in low-lying coastal areas those floating artificial structures could also help to make marine ecosystems healthier. 

Three major technological changes in the automotive sector

Forbes introduces three major technological changes that are going to redefine the automotive sector and change everybody‘s lives: fully electric vehicles like Volvo has revealed, the car-sharing market, and self-driving vehicles. 

Harnessing the potential of AI for public safety

Singapore with its mature infrastructure and digital ecosystems is fast becoming a global frontier for artificial intelligence (AI) and the internet of things (IoT). Those and other emerging technologies now hold great promises for the future of public safety.

Mexico City introduces its first zero-emissions floating bus lane

In a bid to reduce the city’s carbon emissions and clean up the air, Mexico City continues to harness the potentials of e-mobility, announcing new plans to make one of its major roads completely “emissions-free”.

Making buildings the next great climate project

Buildings represent nearly 40 percent of global emissions. The private sector should now focus on the next big opportunity for climate action: shrinking the carbon footprint of the physical spaces where we live and work.

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