Issue No. 22 | 2019

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08.11.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Smart cities are not smart without trust

The smart city environments being developed can improve our safety. But what happens if a robot surgeon gets hacked? Or an autonomous car? We need to get smart around securing the critical infrastructure in place supporting smart city applications. 

How AI is paving the way for autonomous cars

The world is changing faster than imagined, and AI is getting smarter with every passing day. Autonomous cars have been recently hitting the headlines and dominating tech-talks. An overview of the role of AI in self-driving vehicles. 

Is waste-to-energy incineration a real solution for southeast Asia's growing garbage pile?

While Japan presents a sustainability concept for the upcoming 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the country remains in a battle to manage its ever-growing trash mountain – with most of its waste destined for incineration. How sustainable can burning waste ever really be?

Big if it works: new system aims to pull water right out of the sky

The WEDEW water generator addresses severe water scarcity by pulling water from the air: the waste biomass-to-energy and water system fits in a shipping container and is ideal for droughts and natural disasters or just anywhere without clean drinking water. 

Perovskites discovery promises better, cheaper solar cell

Scientists have gained new insights into the properties of perovskites, the crystalline materials used to make solar cells. The breakthrough promises the development of more efficient, stronger and cheaper solar panels.

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