Issue No. 7 | 2020

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09.04.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Build cities for bikes, buses, and feet – not cars

San Francisco's Municipal Transportation Agency's boss Jeff Tumlin is one of a new breed of planner trying to kick cars out of the city. That's good for business, good for people, and amazing for the planet.

Not just biofuels: algae's next wave

Sugar cane and corn are popular feedstocks but not always the most environment-friendly biobased option. Accordingly, a growing number of materials scientists and manufacturers are turning from land to sea in search of more sustainable biomass feedstocks.

Pioneers: 6 practices bringing AI into architecture

How could AI be augmenting, changing design processes, and how are architects incorporating these technological advancements into their work: This selection of projects can help form an opinion on the architectural application of AI.

3D printer companies fill hospitals' desperate need for face shields

Doctors and nurses on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic are in desperate need of face shields, crucial equipment to prevent the spread of the virus. But they're in extreme short supply. That's why tech companies are stepping up to help.

AI runs smack up against a big data problem in COVID-19 diagnosis

Researchers around the world have quickly pulled together combinations of neural networks that show real promise in diagnosing COVID-19. But a lack of data is hampering their ability to move forward. Some kind of global data sharing may be the answer.

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