Issue No. 8 | 2020

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24.04.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

AI helps shrink the carbon footprint of energy-hungry data centres

More and more data centres are being built around the world - and as they grow in size and number, so does their sizable carbon footprint. Artificial intelligence could provide a solution to reduce these side effects.

Small low-carbon tech is better for decarbonization than mega projects

Low carbon technologies that are relatively small in scale, more affordable and can be mass deployed are more likely to enable a faster transition to net zero emissions than high cost mega-projects, a new academic study released this week has argued.

The soundtrack to an electric car

The film composer Hans Zimmer is creating a sonic signature for BMW’s forthcoming electric car. Certainly, the German carmaker isn’t alone is seeking ways to fill in the sonic voids that are inherent in electric cars.

Urban tech is a $65 billion industry. Here’s how COVID-19 could upend it

In the wake of COVID-19, digital technology will play a crucial role in determining which cities thrive – and which ones falter. While some urban tech industries will be hard hit by the COVID-19 crisis, others are likely to grow in importance.

The power of parks in a pandemic

For city residents, equitable access to local green space is more than a coronavirus-era amenity. The multiplicity of benefits parks have always offered, seem not only like an added bonus right now, but rather, a critical lifeline for cities and their residents.

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