Issue No. 17 | 2019

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30.08.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

How city life affects your health and happiness

Links between urban pollution and respiratory diseases drive most calls to clean our cities’ air. But the effect on our lungs is only one reason to be concerned by city living. Mental wellbeing is also affected by living in a big city.

It's time to forcibly reform big tech

Private companies lack the accountability, democratic oversight, or public transparency to make morally hazardous distinctions like defining fake news. That's why we need to start building a new institutional and legal order to reign them in.

Bill Gates-led $1 billion fund invests in startups fighting climate change

The world needs to deploy and scale technologies that cut emissions—and fast. Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), a $1 billion fund led by Bill Gates, aims to fund those technologies.

The rise of biodesign - Growing our way to a more sustainable future

If we are to drastically reduce climate impact on the scale required to halt climate change, shouldn’t the way things are designed and made have sustainability fundamentally built-in?

How Amazon could transform the tiny house movement

Could the e-commerce giant help turn small-home living from a niche fad into a national housing solution? The first DIY-kits sold out quickly, but customer reviews are complaining about the quality of the product.

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