Issue No. 10 | 2020

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22.05.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Project uses ‘digital twins’ to design more sustainable cities

Researchers at the High-Performance Computing Center Stuttgart (HLRS) have used supercomputing and VR to develop comprehensive models of urban environments, designed to support city planning and traffic management.

Form Energy’s first project tries pushing storage to 150 hours

Minnesota utility Great River Energy will use new storage technology from the Bill Gates-backed startup Form Energy to replace coal power. Its stated storage capability of up to 150 hours is an unprecedented achievement for the storage industry.

City life must change completely after COVID-19, not just get smarter

Nicola Yates, CEO of the Connected Spaces Catapult, argues that smart cities aren’t just about tech, but that new approaches to mobility and living are essential. The focus now needs to shift towards smart thinking, fresh approaches and collaboration.

Artificial intelligence systems still need human oversight

AI and machine learning models can work spectacularly. But sudden, dramatic shifts in consumer and B2B buying behavior - as in the COVID-19 crisis - show the problems and difficulties of AI. What does this mean for the future?

Virtual event series: key drives of future smart cities

The Science and Innovation Network Germany (SIN), German U15 and Imperal College London are organizing a set of virtual events from May to July, discussing the roles of universities, science and innovation in the future of urban areas.

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