Issue No. 11 | 2019

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07.06.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Floating cities: the future or a washed-up idea?

Humans have a long history of living on water. Our water homes span from the fishing villages in Southeast Asia to modern floating homes in Amsterdam. As our cities grapple with overcrowding, the ocean remains a potential solution.

Smart tech the new tool for African farmers

Farmers, crop buyers and other sector professionals have started to harness smart gadgets and crunch numbers to improve productivity, reduce costs and smooth out wrinkles in the markets.

New AI generates horrifyingly plausible fake news

In an attempt to prevent artificial intelligence-generated fake news from spreading across the internet, a team of scientists built an AI algorithm that creates what might be the most believable bot-written fake news to date.

Toronto 'keeping pace' on smart city tech with sensors for traffic, gas usage and water leaks

Toronto is making "strategic investments" in some smart city technologies to find efficiencies and deliver better services to residents, Toronto's city manager told a forum exploring ways to use technology and data to improve the lives of citizens.

Sustainability tide means retailers need to redefine 'the good life'

There was a time not so long ago when news about finding a plastic shopping bag six miles below the surface of the ocean would have landed in the section labeled "Odd and Improbable." Not anymore.

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