Issue No. 9 | 2019

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10.05.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Urban greening won't be enough to meet the challenges ahead – but it's a start

The current climate and ecological crisis demands a radical redesign of how we live and organize our societies. Yet these urgent changes, though complex, are far from impossible.

How temporary tiny homes could solve dutch cities' housing crises

As the Netherlands struggles to keep pace with its need for new homes, many cities like Rotterdam have sprouted temporary micro-neighborhoods. These tiny houses can be used by people who wait for their actual homes to be built.

Cities are louder than ever – and it's the poor who suffer most

In crowded cities, poorer neighbourhoods often experience the most noise pollution. But advances in architecture and sound engineering could offer the much needed solutions.

A tale of two cities, 2030 edition

To make our cities not only livable, but places where people thrive at work and leisure, we need to revisit what we build, how we do it and where - recognizing a set of emergent table stakes along the way.

Security lapse exposed a Chinese smart city surveillance system

Smart cities are designed to make life easier for their residents. But what happens when the collected data is leaked? A case in China shows the potential for abuse of this massive cumulation of information.

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