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26.04.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Plug and play solar kits designed to bring clean energy to all

A Portugese startup has created a plug and play photovoltaic system that makes it easier than ever for people to become solar energy producers. The company wants to decentralize the energy market.

As mass timber takes off, how green is this new building material?

Mass timber construction is on the rise, with advocates saying it could revolutionize the building industry and be part of a climate change solution. But some are questioning whether the new material is as sustainable as claimed.

You're thinking about smart cities in completely the wrong way

Technology gives us an opportunity to make cities more open, inclusive and democratic. But only if it's used in the right way, says Barcelona's chief technology officer, Francesca Bria.

Canada is being sued over Sidewalk Lab's smart city project

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association fears Toronto will become "Google's lab rat." by allowing the tech company to develop "historically unprecedented, non-consensual, inappropriate mass-capture surveillance and commoditization of personal data."

Automation is the future of futures markets

New studies by the main US derivatives regulator have established just how much robots account for the day-to-day action inside futures bourses operated by CME Group, the world's biggest exchange company.

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