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PARIS, FRANCE - SEPTEMBER 25, 2016: People enjoying a Car Free Day. People from Paris region and visitors will be able to enjoy a peaceful and breathable city with 648.15 kilometers of Car-Free Roads. © Kiev.Victor / Shutterstock

22.02.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

How to make cities more walkable

As more and more people move to cities, the benefits of encouraging people to walk are clear. Aside from making the urban environment safer and less polluted, improving a city’s walkability can also ease traffic congestion and improve public health.

Is the revolution of 3D-printed building getting closer?

3D printing is sometimes hailed as a revolution for architecture and construction, because it's faster and cheaper than conventional building, and it has a smaller environmental footprint. But uptake has been slow. Could that be changing?

3 companies using the power of AI to advance the circular economy

A key principle of the circular economy is keeping materials at their highest and best use. But with the amount of material flowing through our industrial system, "highest and best" can be a moving target.​​​​​​

How electric motorbikes are cleaning up Kampala's air

Air pollution is a serious issue in Uganda's capital. The startup Zembo wants to turn one of the city's most popular means of transport – the boda boda – green. Our writer in Kampala spoke to one of Zembo's founders.

This is how Google’s Sidewalk Labs in Toronto could look like

Alphabet's Sidewalk Labs has tapped a renowned architectural office to develop proposals for the smart, mass-timber city that the company is developing on Toronto's waterfront. Now they unveiled their vision.

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