Issue No. 10 | 2019

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On the windowsill is a box of sprouts in egg shells © Yunava1 / Shutterstock

24.05.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Egg-cellent news: Researchers store electricity in eggshell biowaste

There may be more to eggs than meet the eye. German researchers have just managed to transform eggshell biowaste into a rechargeable battery – in what looks to be a world first.

Jeff Bezos dreams of a 1970s future

If the sci-fi space cities of Amazon founder Jeff Bezos's Blue Origin look familiar, it's because they are derived from the work of his college professor, the late physicist Gerad O'Neil.

Four reasons businesses should set sustainable packaging goals

It seems that nearly every day there is a new headline about companies setting ambitious sustainable packaging goals in areas such as recycled content, responsible sourcing and recyclability.

Robots on the road – how close is our driverless future?

It was on the motorway near Phoenix, Arizona, that I realised fully driverless cars might be quite a distant dream. And that was because our Google Waymo robo-taxi seemed incapable of leaving that motorway.

Tech hub San Francisco first US city to ban facial recognition

San Francisco is preemptively shooting down the use of facial recognition. City officials voted in favor to ban government agencies from using the surveillance tech despite the fact that none of these agencies currently use the technology.

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