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08.02.2019 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Electric scooters and micro-mobility: Here's everything you need to know

Megacities worldwide are facing an epidemic of congestion and pollution caused by rapid urbanization that is increasing gridlock and putting severe pressure on public transportation systems. Could micro-mobility be the solution?

What makes a smart city in 2019?

Smart cities are hubs that route IoT-produced data through public-private partnerships to solve real problems. From cutting down energy use to improving traffic conditions, building smarter cities can improve the long-term health and the lives of urban residents.

Food and mobility companies show cleantech is about more than energy

Energy firms dominated Cleantech Group’s 10th annual Global Cleantech 100 list, but food and mobility companies are catching up. This year, agriculture and food companies claimed a dozen spots on the list.

San Francisco could be first to ban facial recognition tech

If a tech industry critic has his way, San Francisco could become the first US city to ban its agencies from using facial recognition technology. In the hands of government, critics like Aaron Peskin argue, it enables all-too-easy access to real-time surveillance.

MXC: A non-profit approach to providing data to smart cities

As our homes become smarter with more and more connected devices, so do our cities. And while congestion and data storage aren’t big problems for our homes, they’re a big issue for smart cities involving tens of thousands of sensors and associated data.

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