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26.10.2021 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

The Urban Tech Republic is a new science and research location in Berlin - an innovation park for urban technologies and their application in the city. Because one thing is clear: the intelligent digitalisation of cities improves the quality of life, conserves resources and makes urban living and business more sustainable. The smart quarters of Berlin TXL not only draw on a digital infrastructure, but also develop it further and see themselves as places for innovation and exchange for the meaningful and secure use of urban data. The FUTR HUB in Berlin TXL is explicitly dedicated to this topic.

An important basis for digitalisation in Berlin TXL is the development of open source technologies and free software. This is to ensure transparency, security and data sovereignty. At the same time, it also enables democratic participation in developments. Berlin TXL is therefore pleased to participate in the CEFAT4Cities Virtual Hackathon of the FIWARE Foundation. Together with the FIWARE Foundation, a local challenge has been launched.

The Smart Cities & Open Data Challenge aims to create a multilingual app for future visitors to Berlin TXL: interested parties should be guided through the site and receive information on the listed buildings, future developments on the site and possibly even tour suggestions or directions. International teams are invited to submit various concepts, proofs of concepts or similar. The jury, which also includes Stefan Höffken from Tegel Projekt GmbH, will evaluate the entries and then award the prizes (first place will receive 5,000 euros).

More information on the challenges can be found here. Conditions of participation and more can be found here.

Contact person for the Challenge is Tonia Sapia.

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