Berlin TXL Update | 7

09.04.2021 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

The environmental implications of the return to the office 

Telecommuting can save energy and reduce emissions — unless it doesn’t. A new tool can help companies measure workplace carbon emissions, and figure out if going remote is easier on the planet.

How blockchain can empower smart cities 

Advanced technology can play a significant role in managing efficient urban development and population growth. This new interoperability needs to be considered from three perspectives: business model, platform and infrastructure.

Smart traffic lights wait for slower pedestrians to cross

Older people and parents with young children will be given more time to cross the road under plans for a new generation of smart traffic lights. Technology has been developed by a British company using wide-angle cameras and AI.

The critical role of a building in managing people’s health and well-being

Sustainability is not only an issue in Western Europe. Project developers and owners in Romania for instance are becoming more concerned about safety and sustainability, in the context of the atypical past year that has shifted perceptions and plans for the future.

One billion people live in cities shifting away from fossil fuels

The number of cities working to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy surged in 2020, representing a quarter of the world’s urban population, or one billion people, green energy policy network REN21 said.

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