Berlin TXL Update | 6

19.03.2021 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

The vital role of smart buildings in the evolution of smart cities

2021 looks to be a pivotal year in the fight against climate change. With many global economies setting mid-century net zero carbon reduction targets, the pressure is on to develop strategies to bring down emissions in our cities and save energy.

15 minute city: Urban mobility solution to the environment?

By 2050, almost 70% of the people are projected to live in urban areas. With our cities expected to grow, some experts agree that new urban planning is necessary in order to improve quality of life and save the environment.

Fast-track energy transitions to win the race to zero

Previewed at the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue, World Energy Transitions Outlook outlines global strategies towards carbon-neutrality and leads way to a climate-safe 1.5°C pathway by 2050.

Climate change: Jet fuel from waste 'dramatically lowers' emissions

A new approach to making jet fuel from food waste has the potential to massively reduce carbon emissions from flying, scientists say. Currently, most of the food scraps that are used for energy around the world are converted into methane gas.

Alternative power, alternative future: A lo ok at the state of e-mobility

Intelligent Transport’s Luke Antoniou assesses the state of play in e-mobility and beyond, focusing on the vehicles, infrastructure and policy that will deliver a greener future for everyone.

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