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19.02.2021 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Scientists are making see-through wood, and it could replace glass

Wood is an ancient material humans have been using for millions of years, for the construction of housing and ships. While it's a highly useful building material, there has always been an issue: it's not transparent. Soon, this may change.

Integrated mobility can fast-track cities to cleaner, safer streets

During COVID-related shutdowns, many cities experienced short-term improvements in traffic safety, noise and air pollution. That prompted people to question the status quo and pathed the way to rethink city traffic.

Luxembourg wants to turn hydrogen green

Gas-made renewable energy is expensive, but cheaper fossil-free technology is on the horizon. Luxembourg, along with other members of the EU, announced a hydrogen strategy particularly focused on clean production methods of hydrogen.

Smart cities deliver a better way of life for all

In a world where two-thirds of the population live in cities, making these urban areas as smart – and therefore as efficient – as possible, using IoT and other technologies, is vital for a better quality of life.

Vodafone develops new high-accuracy tech to track drones

Vodafone has recently tested its tracking system capable of remotely tracking a drone or vehicle within 10 centimeters of its actual location. With the expansion of autonomous  vehicles, tracking their location will be a crucial step for safety.

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