Berlin TXL Update | 25

18.12.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Green energy boom may pay for itself says U.K. climate adviser

The cost of Britain’s efforts to reduce its greenhouse gases over the next three decades is lower than previously thought and could even be neutral, according to the government’s independent climate change advisers.

Smarter waste management to improve quality of urban life

Pre-pandemic data stated that in Europe each person produces nearly half a ton of municipal waste per year. Smart waste solutions leveraging IoT technologies allow trash bins to be remotely connected and monitored to optimize waste collection.

Why the recovery has to be green

If there has been one positive aspect of this terrible pandemic, it’s been the realization by growing numbers of people that we must change our way of life and start to develop more sustainable habits.

In Berlin, a fleet of cargo bikes wants to help you declutter your life

The Berlin start-up PeekUp is here to pick up your clutter in a convenient and eco-friendly way – via a cargo bike service that travels right to your door. The team does what they can to recycle the items they pick up whenever they can, i.e. by donating them.

EU reveals sustainable and smart sobility strategy

The European Commission has published its Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy with an Action Plan involving 82 initiatives that should guide transport policies in Europe for the next four years.

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