Berlin TXL Update | 24

27.11.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Drones to the rescue: Berlin lab seeks quicker virus tests

A German lab is hoping to cut the time it takes to send coronavirus tests across Berlin by using drones, thereby avoiding the capital's clogged roads. Officials expect to cut standard delivery times from about an hour to around 10 minutes.

How cities are defining the rules of engagement for emerging technology

Covid-19 is accelerating the roll-out of many technologies, but alongside this a more fundamental shift is taking place. Cities are working to ensure technology deployed in their communities is fair, open and explainable.

Sustainable building materials: An Australian innovation story

On the other side of the world, Australian building product designers and manufacturers have continued to innovate in recent years – creating architecturally stunning case studies have proven ‘sustainable’ can also be synonymous with ‘beautiful’.

How Covid-19 has made smart cities smarter than ever

Artificial intelligence is paving the way for cities to transform into smarter and more efficient places to work and live. Triggered by the pandemic, cities are now undergoing a revolution in the way they are structured, managed and maneuvered.

How circular cities can put people first

Addressing social inequality, climate change and material waste all overlap in some revolutionary visions by advocates of circular cities. The social aspects only recently have become front and center.

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