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13.11.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Tiny stick-on device can monitor your sweat and measure your stress

A team from Northwestern University has developed a soft, silicon, skin-interfaced sensor that can analyze the molecular composition of sweat for things like cortisol, blood sugar, and vitamin C, sending the data to the wearer’s smartphone.

These drones could beam down 5G from high in the sky

Forget about building new masts: these drones carry 5G antennas into the stratosphere instead. Plans to beam 5G signals to the public via drones that stay airborne for nine days at a time have been announced by two UK firms.

Smarter windows: These darken in the sun and generate electricity

Dynamic windows could do double duty in sustainable building design, cooling and powering at the same time. Researchers now have made transparent glass panes that darken in the sun's glare and also act as solar panels.

Lab-grown diamonds 'made entirely from the sky'

Founder and UK millionaire Dale Vince says lab-grown gems will be ‘world’s first zero-impact’ diamonds. Using a 'sky mining facility', carbon will be extracted from the atmosphere, with wind and sun providing the energy, as well as using rain water.

Merging tech with sustainability

In the 2020s, the Netherlands breeds startups that push fashion to experiment in both technology and sustainability, such as 3D digital design, biodesigned textiles and new manufacturing techniques. With sustainability at the core of their philosophy.

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