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30.10.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

This Swedish cargo ship cuts emissions by 90% using an old trick

The global shipping industry accounts for roughly 2% of all greenhouse emissions worldwide. Soon, an advanced clean energy ship could finally deliver an eco-friendly solution for hauling freight across the ocean.

Breakthrough: 3D solar panel design increases light absorption by 125%

A potential game-changer: A wide consensus of experts already believe that of all green technologies, solar energy is among the most sustainable and cheapest. With this latest innovation, it could get even more efficient and eco-friendly.

'Cooling paint' could cut emissions from buildings

A new type of white paint has the potential to cool buildings and reduce the reliance on air conditioning, researchers say. In a study, the new product was able to reduce temperatures by 1.7°C compared to the ambient air conditions.

How snake heat vision is being used to transform robotics

Cracking this "secret snake code" could be the future of efficient technology. Snakes use the power of heat vision, which humans used to mimic using infrared technology. A new study now sheds some light into this mysterious snake power and in how it works.

Researchers suggest AI can learn common sense from animals

AI researchers developing reinforcement learning agents could learn a lot from animals. That's according to recent analysis by Google's DeepMind, Imperial College London, and University of Cambridge researchers assessing AI and non-human animals.

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