Berlin TXL Update | 2

22.01.2021 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

New technology uses food waste to turn UV light into renewable energy

A technology called AuREUS, which uses waste materials to turn UV light into electricity, even without direct sunlight, has won the James Dyson Award’s first-ever Sustainability Prize.

How data and AI can help create a mobility renaissance

For urban mobility’s challenges to improve, it is important that automakers, mobility services providers, and state and local governments are cooperating at a systemic level. Further, data and AI could be the glue that holds urban mobility together.

Transparent solar cells eyed for smart, energy-sustainable buildings

Planning sustainable buildings is a key aspect for smart cities of the future. One-way researchers have been trying to create them is through the use of windows that can also generate solar energy.

Are we moving towards a greener future for AI?

The world may have seen incredible advances in AI, but in terms of infrastructure and efficient use of energy, we’re still in the pioneer age. The upside is that AI can strengthen climate predictions and work out how to allocate renewable energy.

Self-driving market worth £41.7 billion by 2035, says new report

The self-driving vehicle market in the UK could be worth tens of billions of pounds in the coming years, as the UK Government seeks to encourage growth within the sector.

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