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18.09.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Drone helps document invasive species in Washington State

Biologists with the state Department of Fish & Wildlife used a drone to survey and document invasive narrow-leaf cattails in the Skagit Wildlife Area. The drone followed an automated, pre-plotted flight plan.

This 'Cold Tube' sucks your body heat to keep you cool

A new, lower-energy alternative to air conditioning works by sucking the body heat out of nearby people. With “membrane-assisted radiant cooling,” the researchers tested a pedestrian pavilion in tropical Singapore.

Building a greener internet

When we think of emerging technology and sustainability, the images that come to mind usually include futuristic cities, made clean, green and perfectly efficient. But there are environmental costs which need to be tackled beforehand.

Edge computing: The next generation of innovation

The future of enterprise tech won't be confined to the data center mothership – nor even the public cloud. Wedded to the internet of things, edge computing puts processing horsepower wherever it needs to go.

This giant machine could give us unlimited clean energy

The Joint European Torus in Oxfordshire will create temperatures ten times hotter than our sun to induce nuclear fusion. It could spark an energy revolution. And the best: this method could be completely waste-free.

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