Berlin TXL Update | 17


21.08.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

The internet of electricity

The challenge in switching to renewables is often seen as just a matter of finding the required political will. But there are technical issues that need to be overcome as well.

Volocopter: shaping the future of urban air mobility

Urban air mobility might make the dream of electric flights in cities come true. What is the technology behind it, what kind of regulations are in place to ensure that flights are safe and what will the future VoloCity look like?

Cyborg' technology could enable new diagnostics

Although true "cyborgs" – part human, part robotic beings – are science fiction, researchers are taking steps toward integrating electronics with the body. But connecting electronics directly to human tissues in the body is a huge challenge.

Europe's largest 3D-printer prints an entire two-story house

A Belgian company has 3D-printed – with Europe's biggest 3D-printer – an entire two-story house featuring 90 square meters living space. The house was printed in one piece with a fixed printer, making it a world's first.

Bogotá is building its future around bikes

To tame traffic after pandemic lockdowns, the Colombian capital has embarked on a bike-lane building spree that could a be model in Latin America. Bogotá’s long-term goal is to have 50% of total trips made on bikes or other micromobility alternatives.

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