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07.08.2020 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

Leveraging the tech boom for the good of the environment

Across the globe, the restrictions put in place to combat Covid-19 have led to a surge in the use of various online services. At the same time, the collective change in behaviour did not only have a massive impact on digitalisation, but also an effect on our environment.

Movement can generate free electricity

Researchers at the Universities of Surrey and Loughborough have established a way to generate free electrical energy from movement to power portable electronics. The scientists already demonstrated the functioning of their device successfully.

This AI could bring us computers that can write their own software

OpenAI's new language generation AI "GPT-3“ is able to write short stories, press releases and even simple computer code on its own. Programs like this have the potential to revolutionize coding, experts say.

We should focus on electrifying trucks and buses instead of cars

We need to change our transportation system, and we need to do it quickly. Considering limited capacities for battery production, the most effective way to do so is to electrify big trucks and buses first, which should have the biggest climate impact.

Sustainable thinking gaining ground

Despite Coronavirus, 85% of Americans are thinking about sustainability as much as or more than ever. Many of the interviewed persons want both the government and brands to prioritize sustainability.

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