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‘Living Laboratory’ for climate research

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is seeking applicants to create a test bed for urban climate solutions on the sparsely developed Governors Island. The island shall become a hub dedicated to preparing New York for the impacts of climate change.

The invisible problem of air pollution: modernizing air quality monitoring

While cities already connected smart buildings and other parts of their infrastructure, air quality monitoring systems haven’t quite followed suit. Now, air quality IoT sensors can be used in tandem with traditional systems to deliver larger amounts of granular data.

Engineered yeast could expand biofuels' reach

To try to expand biofuels' potential impact, a team of engineers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology now found a way to expand the use of a wider range of nonfood feedstocks to produce such fuels.

3 dramatic ways our homes may change by 2070

The days of struggling to salvage a meal after work could be numbered – but what else can we expect to change? A smart tech expert explains the 3 dramatic ways our homes may change by 2070.

Vaccine production to become more environmentally friendly

Sometimes there are opportunities in a crisis. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a research team from the Fraunhofer Institute has developed a more efficient and environmentally friendly vaccine production process.

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