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18.06.2021 | Onlineredaktion Berlin TXL

'Cool’ roofs

Despite the U.S. building sector’s still-big carbon footprint, advocates think it could reach a net-zero-emissions future within a generation. A necessary revolution takes place in this sector, which is responsible for at least 40 percent of our carbon footprint.

Biotechnology is replacing petrochemicals with sustainable materials

We have a global dependence on fossil fuels that is hard to break. Petrochemicals, which are derived from fossil fuels, are used in everyday products. There are better and more sustainable alternatives that manufacturers can use to make everyday products.

The digital bin that separates your waste and hands out rewards

Around a quarter of waste entered into recycling bins is actually non-recyclable. A new camera-equipped rubbish bin hopes to clean up the industry and show consumers where they are going wrong.

The largest office building to meet this exacting sustainability standard

The 812,000-square-foot office building in Boston will be the largest ever to get Passive House certification, meaning it meets strict requirements for how much energy it uses.

4 seaweed startups combating food insecurity and climate change

A type of seaweed known as kelp is being developed for its nutritional value and its ability to absorb and lock away huge quantities of carbon dioxide. Seaweed absorbs CO2 more effectively than trees. It also improves water quality.

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