News Berlin TXL at the Pop-Up-Lab: Startup meets Grownup

Der Standort Berlin TXL als Zukunftsorte-Wabe © Martyna Dubianska
Der Standort Berlin TXL als Zukunftsorte-Wabe

25.08.2016 | Editorial Team Berlin TXL

Berlin TXL is part of the Berlin Pop-Up-Lab: the creative laboratory presents Berlin's best qualities in the fields of business and economy, science, culture, music and gastronomy and makes them hand-on experiences.

The Pop-Up-Lab, which is organised in the context of this year’s Berlin industry campaign, centres on the theme of ‘Startup meets Grownup.’ Berlin’s creative laboratory has been touring Germany and the world, and invites everyone to discover Berlin’s distinct industry, research, culture, music and food scene hands-on. An obvious choice for Berlin’s ‘Zukunftsorte’, or places of future innovation, and thus Berlin TXL, to be represented as well.

The theme ‘Startup meets Grownup’ encapsulates one of Berlin’s best qualities: more than two thirds of German corporate startup partnerships (incubators and accelerators) are located in Berlin. The interactive exhibition shows what is possible when innovation meets experience.

The Pop-Up-Lab allows startups to re-interpret established industry players and present their new technologies. An innate forward-looking approach and the direct proximity to the city’s creative scene are distinctive features that set Berlin apart from its international competition.

At the centre of it all: Berlin's places of future innovation

Berlin’s Zukunftsorte (‘places of future innovation’) – and especially Berlin TXL as future hub for startups and corporates focused on urban technologies – contribute a spatial dimension to the lab: where is the best place to locate to as a high-tech enterprise, and where in Berlin will they be offered the ideal space to develop and grow?

So far, the Pop-Up-Lab has already checked-in at Hannover Messe (25 – 29 April), Bikini Berlin (10 – 14 May), and Munich (13 – 18 June). Up next are Stuttgart and Tel Aviv. Just like before, there will be a diverse and exciting programme on offer, combining exhibition modules with panel discussions, pitches and concerts.

Programme highlights: academic expertise is made accessible and entertaining at the ‘Science Slam’. Scientists battle each other by presenting their research projects in an easy-to-understand manner, with the audience selecting a winner in the end. The ‘Zukunftsorte-Breakfast’ is a panel discussion that focuses on the everyday dimensions of startup/grownup cooperation, and how exactly Berlin as a science hotspot became not only a key breeding ground for talent but for ideas.

Berlin Pop-Up-Lab on Tour - in Germany and abroad

In Tel Aviv (25 – 29 September 2016) the Pop-Up-Lab partners with the DLD Tel Aviv Innovation Festival. The DLD is the international conference and innovation platform for digitisation, science and culture. It brings together startups, investors, corporates, thought-leaders and creatives from around the globe. An ideal opportunity to showcase what Berlin has got to offer.

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