Declaration on Digital Accessibility

Tegel Projekt GmbH makes every effort to make its website barrier-free. The declaration on digital accessibility is required by the law on barrier-free information and communication technology Berlin (BIKTG Bln). The technical requirements for accessibility result from BITV 2.0.

This declaration on digital accessibility applies to the following websites:

When was the accessibility declaration drawn up?

This declaration was last reviewed on 22.09.2020 by Britta Heinemann, Division Site Management.

How barrier-free is the offer?

This website only partially meets the requirements of BITV 2.0.

Which areas are not barrier-free?

We make every effort to make our websites barrier-free. We are currently checking the contents of all websites for accessibility and are continuously implementing improvements. Should you notice any content or offers that are not barrier-free, please inform us at

The areas listed below are not or only partially barrier-free for the following reasons:

  • We only subtitle videos in part. Accessibility is also only partially fulfilled because we only transcribe the spoken word for resource reasons. Due to the disproportionate burden, we do not provide transcription of information-carrying elements (sounds, laughter, applause, etc.), audio description or full-text alternatives for videos.
  • We use occasional and temporary font graphics in banners, but usually provide them with alternative texts.
  • PDF documents are only partially barrier-free. Newly created documents are generally designed to be barrier-free. Older documents (e.g. information brochures) are not revised because an all-encompassing change would be a disproportionate burden. Please contact us if you need a specific document in a barrier-free format.
  • It may happen that pictures and objects do not contain alt texts, link texts are incomprehensible, abbreviations and foreign language sections are not marked. Please contact us so that we can correct the error.
  • We want to make videos with sign language available from 2021 if possible.
  • As a rule, the websites are designed in such a way that the principles of perceptibility and usability are given. These principles will be further optimised by mid 2021.

Who can you contact if you have comments or questions about digital accessibility (feedback option)?

If you have any comments or questions about digital accessibility, please contact us at redaktionberlintxlde.

Contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility

If your contact with the public body was not successful, you can contact the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility.

Link to the contact form:

Further information on the State Commissioner for Digital Accessibility:

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