#PropTech Connect: Construction and Sustainability

Round Hill Ventures' "PropTech Connect" is a forum that brings together Europe's real estate ecosystem - investors, entrepreneurs, corporate players and the public sector, to discuss industry's trends and challenges. PropTech Connect returns on Thursday, 25 February 2021.

This panel will explore the role of technology and sustainability in the construction life-cycle, addressing questions such as:

  • Where sustainability is making the most impact in the construction life-cycle (design/planning, on-site, operations/maintenance)?
  • Where do ESG solutions fit across the value chain of the construction life-cycle?
  • How does tech play a role in sustainability, as many solutions are hardware-based?
  • How can you balance the needs of different parties along the value chain (e.g. labor shortage for general contractors vs ESG for owners)?


  • Philipp Bouteiller, CEO of Tegel Projekt, a development project of a new sustainable and innovative residential smart city district and Europe’s leading research and industry park for future technologies.
  • Jeremy Brown, Venture Capital Investor at Foundamental VC, focusing on early-stage deep-tech investments in construction, built environment and sustainability.
  • Kristofer Fichtner, Co-Founder of ecoworks, a Berlin-based provider of the industrial Net Zero modernisations for residential and commercial real estate, and of Thermondo, a German sustainability startup.
  • Coen van Oostrom, Founder and CEO of EDGE Technologies, a real estate developer of a new generation of innovative, healthy and sustainable buildings.
  • Hubert Rhomberg, Founder and CEO of CREE, an international technology and consultancy firm, dedicated to sustainable buildings using prefabricated timber-based components.
  • Lorna Walker, Co-founder, COO, and Head of ESG at Modomo, an innovative affordable housing specialist, tackling the housing crisis with thriving meanwhile communities on underused sites across Europe using modular construction, incubated within Round Hill Capital.

12:30 CET (11:30 GMT): Discussion panel
13:30 CET (12:30 GMT): Q&A
14:00 CET (13:00 GMT): End

February, 25, 2021


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