The Urban Tech Republic is based on the strong fundamental principle of a community that brings urban tech innovations to the world for the benefit of all. Freedom of thought and openness are firmly anchored in the idea of a republic - from the Latin res publica: "public matter", "public affair", usually in the meaning of "community".

A community, therefore, to offer innovators the right atmosphere, important points of contact, the necessary development space and the appropriate equipment to work on future-oriented solutions for a good and healthy (urban) life.

Collaborative working is the mode of future business. We offer unlimited access to networking opportunities and spaces in the field of Urban Tech!

The Urban Tech Republic enables innovators to find and develop themselves: As "residents", they can help shape the future field of urban technologies, flesh out their ideas, find their team and build partnerships. Here they can access the advice they need, build their network and convince supporters. They can form, professionalize, grow. They can collaborate, test, and optimize. They get access to professional know-how, to hardware and rooms, to office and laboratory space. The right atmosphere and the equipment that will enable them to find solutions for living together in cities that we will need as a society.


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