We are the Tegel Projekt GmbH

Six months after the opening of the new international BER airport the Berlin-Tegel Airport will be closed. A research and industrial park for urban technologies will then be developed in that space in the following years: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic plus a new residential district: Schumacher Quartier.

The State of Berlin has commissioned Tegel Projekt GmbH with the development and management of Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic, and of Schumacher Quartier. This state-owned company employs 41 people (as of November 2019). Their work includes review of the master plan and brand development, the plans for the building construction, and the technical, energy, and transport infrastructure, as well as sales planning, and project communications with the general public.

The Urban Tech Republic will have up to 1,000 large and small companies with approximately 20,000 employees engaged in research, development, and production.

And more than 2,500 students will move into the former terminal building along with the renowned Beuth University of Applied Sciences. Berlin TXL focuses on those aspects needed to sustain the growing cities of the 21st century: the efficient use of energy, sustainable construction, environmentally-friendly mobility, recycling, the networked management of systems, clean water, and the use of new materials. 

New concepts for life in the city of the future will be realized in this neighborhood in the years ahead: the Schumacher Quarter will see the development of more than 5,000 apartments for over 10,000 people in a lively urban neighborhood with day care centers, schools, and shopping options.


Since 2011, Tegel Projekt GmbH has been working on behalf of Land Berlin to develop Tegel Airport into a research and industry park for urban technologies: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic. Our team of experts is on hand to answer any questions you have.

Executive Office
Prof. Dr. Philipp Bouteiller | CEO
Office Management and HR
Dagmar Strauß
Design and Development
Responsibilities: Urban Development, Structural Engineering, Transport, Open-air Facilities
Nicolas Novotny | Director
Site Management
Responsibilities: Sales, Marketing, Press & Public Relations
Bernhard Hildebrand | Director
Asset Management, Smart Utilities and Infrastructure
Responsibilities: Asset Management, Technical Infrastructure, Smart Grid/Smart City
André Stumpf | Director
Responsibilities: Finances, Controlling, Law, IT
Ulrike Nier | Director
Tegel Projekt GmbH Lietzenburger Straße 107 D-10707 Berlin Phone: +49 30 5770 47 00 e-mail: info@berlintxl.de