We are the Tegel Projekt GmbH

The former Berlin-Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin. On its 500-hectar grounds, Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic, a research and industrial park for urban technologies and Schumacher Quartier, a new residential district will be developed; as well as a 200-hectare landscape zone which will be developed by Grün Berlin.

The State of Berlin has commissioned Tegel Projekt GmbH with the development and management of Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic, and of Schumacher Quartier. The state-owned business employs 76 people. Their tasks include planning for the construction of buildings and for the technical, transport and energy infrastructure, construction and site management, as well as space marketing and communicating with the general public about the project.

The grounds were handed over to Tegel Projekt GmbH in August 2021. When the preparatory actions are complete, excavation and restructuring work will be able to begin in 2022. The finalization of the first construction phase In the Urban Tech Republic and in the Schumacher Quartier is planned for 2027 as is also the case with the completion of a major portion of the building refurbishments.


Since 2011, Tegel Projekt GmbH has been working on behalf of Land Berlin to develop Tegel Airport into a research and industry park for urban technologies: Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic. Our team of experts is on hand to answer any questions you have.

Tegel Projekt GmbH Urban Tech Republic, Gebäude V Flughafen Tegel 1 13405 Berlin Phone: +49 30 577 1401 0 e-mail: info@berlintxl.de Instagram: @BerlinTXL Youtube