Certified with distinction: Sustainable construction in Berlin TXL

How can our cities balance social, ecological, and economic demands? The concept of sustainability provides the most comprehensive model. Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic embodies this idea in a very unique way. The campus district of the UTR is one of the first pilot projects in Germany to be awarded the “Platinum” certification by the DGNB in the “City District” category.

The DGNB e.V. (German Sustainable Building Council) awards certifications to those especially environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient buildings that conserve resources while serving the needs and comfort of their users. Urban districts are evaluated by their infrastructure as well as by the concepts for the site as a whole, for instance, how to handle energy, water, and waste.

In 2016 the campus of the Urban Tech Republic became the first city district to receive Platinum pre-certification. Previously this distinction had been awarded only once for the development of a similar district. This means that the subsequent use of the airport grounds in Tegel becomes an international, groundbreaking project for sustainable construction.

Award criteria

Several factors were decisive in the DGNB’s assessment to award certification to the future Urban Tech Republic research and industrial site:

  • Energy: A low-energy network ensures climate-friendly heating from co-generation, geothermal energy, and waste heat from those who reside in the district. This results in optimum values in energy and carbon emissions savings. Consumption is optimized through intelligent control of a smart grid.
  • Water: The rainwater concept prepares the district for the consequences of global warming. Instead of rapidly running off, rainwater seeps gradually over planted zones. Natural evaporation cools the district in summer and improves the micro-climate for the users.
  • Mobility: Multi-modal management of mobility interconnects and helps e-mobility, car- and bike-sharing, sustainable goods transport and bicycling. Mobility hubs are part of the infrastructure as stops for public transportation and with parking places for bike- sharing and comfortable bicycle lanes/ highways.
  • Recycling: The UTR re-uses concrete runways, tarmac, and buildings of the former airport. Converting saves costs and energy, and building materials are re-used in an intelligent way.
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