Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic

... is an industrial and research park for urban technologies. Urban technologies are green technologies of the future that improve people’s lives in the expanding cities all around the world. 

... is a curated innovation park. Its core sectors are energy, mobility, water, recycling, and materials, plus information and communication technologies.

... is a site for research institutions, start-ups and for companies both large and small around a university campus. This will be the place where urban technologies are jointly researched, developed, produced, tested, and exported. 

... offers a space for all phases of corporate development: from the pre-seed phase to the development and growth phase, right through to the established enterprise. The range of offerings is correspondingly broad: from the co-working space in the start-up center through office spaces in one of the technology centers, to commercial or industrial properties for corporate investments (commercial and industrial properties from 3,000 to 200,000 m2). Additionally, there are expo and conference halls, testing grounds, overnight accommodations, and food services.

... views itself as a community offering advantageous opportunities for collaboration at every corner. The basis is the international brand name “Urban Tech Republic”, which acts like a projection screen to give constant encouragement to the community.

... is a radiantly powerful ecosystem with meaningful program at its brand core and it has found the perfect site and its natural home in Berlin TXL.

Urban Tech Republic’s program embraces four basic concepts, whose specific composition may include, for example, activities, range of offers, or characteristics:

  1. The Urban Tech Republic’s brand values are to be found in the “Republic’s Manifesto” and they inform the philosophy of the community and the culture at the site.
  2. The Urban Tech Republic offers the community specific, needs-oriented services and products.
  3. General places and spaces – for example a university at the core or start-up and technology centers – find their home in the Urban Tech Republic and are an inherent part of the range of offers.
  4. The face of the innovation park is shaped by self-starters and ambassadors from the Urban Tech Republic network. These include Tegel Projekt as the operating company for the State of Berlin as well as partners and opinion leaders from the fields of research, economics, industry, and politics.

Initial anchor tenants:

  • Berliner University of Applied Sciences with 2,500 students in urban technology fields (Central Terminal)
  • Berlin Fire and Rescue Service Academy with training operations (hangar)

Community Magazine

The Urban Tech Republic as Smart City and Real-World Laboratory

  • Energy concept: A low-energy network, which is unique in the world for its size, supplies Berlin TXL with sustainable heating and cooling. The result is a digitalized marketplace for thermal energy with prosumers who both consume and produce energy.
  • FUTR Hub: A networked digital infrastructure will be built in Berlin TXL with the FUTR Hub high-performance IT platform. Urban data will be integrated into the FUTR Hub for smart environmental monitoring, traffic, and energy and rainwater management, as well as intelligent control systems for technical infrastructure, and the processes for facility management at the site will be mapped.
  • Mobility concept: The Urban Tech Republic becomes a compact district and district of short distances with a clearway road for public transport and transportation hubs with options for bike- and car-sharing as well as e-mobility. In addition, the innovation park will be connected to the superordinate network for cycling and public transport.
  • Testing grounds: In the Urban Tech Republic, there is room for testing, for instance a test circuit for innovative transportation.
  • Sustainable construction: In addition to holding certifications for several existing buildings, the Campus in the heart of the innovation park has since 2016 held a Platinum Certificate from the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) as the world’s first pre-certified commercial district. Furthermore, with the project Bauhütte 4.0, Wood to City, a new innovation cluster will be constructed with the objective of scaling climate-friendly timber construction to an industrial level, and to achieve significant cost advantages in the medium term over conventional construction. 
  • Biodiversity as a planning principle: Animal-Aided Design means that Berlin TXL becomes a habitat and refuge for a wide variety of animal species.
Tegel Projekt GmbH Urban Tech Republic, Gebäude V Flughafen Tegel 1 13405 Berlin Phone: +49 30 577 1401 0 e-mail: Instagram: @BerlinTXL Youtube