Participatory Planning Process

  • 2008: Green light given for public discussion on the future of the Tegel airport grounds.
  • 2009 to 2012: The idea for the Innovation Park is born during a workshop – proposals are drafted by six international teams comprising architects, city planners, and landscape designers, which are then further developed together with experts, administration, and stakeholders from Berlin’s general public.
  • 9th June 2011: The Berlin Parliament approves the goals of the zoning plan and the landscape program.
  • 2013: The master plan is adopted by the Berlin State Senate with binding effect.
  • From 2016: The increasing demand for housing space in Berlin gives rise to further development of Schumacher Quartier.
  • 2017: The outline for urban planning is further developed in four SQ Labs together with experts at state and regional level into a framework that is the basis of further planning for the residential district.
  • 2018: The development plans for parts of the Urban Tech Republic and Schumacher Quartier are presented in public in November.
  • 2019: Decision is taken on the landscape planning competition for the district and landscape park.
  • 2020: An information center is being set up on site following the closure of the airport.
  • Interested members of the public can participate constructively in public site conferences from the beginning of the plans.

Intensive öffentliche Beteiligung seit 2008

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